Flu Shot Clinics

Many organizations recognize the value of onsite flu clinics at their workplaces to protect against the consequences and costs of seasonal flu. Seasonal flu affects 10-25% of Canadians and result in an average of 20,000 hospitalizations and 4,000 deaths in Canada each year. The impact on productivity is substantial, as viruses are easily transmitted at workplaces, and flu-related absenteeism ranges from one to five days per employee.

Although public flu clinics are available in many areas, employees may need to take time off of work to attend an external clinic, making it less likely that employees and their families will get immunized. Studies show that employees are more likely to get a flu shot when they have access to immunization in the workplace. Research also shows that workplace flu vaccination programs result in substantial cost savings, including 34% reduction in days of illness and up to 45% reduction in lost work days.

ExecHealth Inc. is an Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care approved provider of workplace flu shot clinics. We will manage all aspects of your workplace clinic, including set up, confirmation of emergency systems, and provision of the necessary clinical materials, including syringes, vaccine, and alcohol swabs.