Ottawa’s Premier Medical Clinic

Since 2005 ExecHealth has provided unparalled medical care to professionals and their families. With a focus on prevention, ExecHealth proactively manages our clients’ health and provides the highest level of care and service.

Onsite Health Specialties

Primary Care

Guaranteed same-day or next day in person or video appointments. Punctual, unhurried appointments with your physician to ensure top quality care.

On site treatment of dermatological issues including nitrogen oxide treatments, irregular mole evaluations and biopsies.
Women’s Health

Our women’s health specialists offers full scope women’s health advice including hormone replacement therapy and on-site procedures such as IUD insertions and endometrial biopsies.

Care of the Elderly

Medical needs change as you age. Our elder care expert offers an advanced level of knowlege with respect to the management and treatment of elderly patients.

Integrative Medicine
Clients looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical intervention may benefit from a consultation with our integrative health specialist who is a medical doctor that has advanced training in evidence-based alternative therapies.
Mental Health

ExecHealth has partnered with Focus Mental Wellness to provide timely access to online mental health services . Please click here to book an appointment. We are also pleased to offer neuropsychological assessments to assess cognitive functioning.

Our physiotherapists see only one patient at-a-time. This highly focused attention, utilizing only proven techniques, results in superior care and results.
Nutrition Counselling
Registered dietitians provide highly personalized nutritional advice based on blood testing, body composition analysis and medical direction from ExecHealth physicians.