Medical App Review- ImmunizeCA

Medical App Review: ImmunizeCa

August usually means that back-to-school season is just around the corner.  For many parents of young kids, this means filling out forms and digging up immunization information. Well, now there is an app for that!

ImmunizeCA is a useful free app that helps gather your child’s vaccine information on your device and has many other useful features at your fingertips.

Have questions about vaccines? Navigate to the “Information” section for useful vaccine related fact sheets and answers to common vaccine related questions in the “FAQ” section.    In addition, there are links to helpful resources such as the Canadian Pediatric Society website.

The pain management section is definitely worth a peek. Did you know that sugar water reduces immunization pain in infants? This pain section, under the “Information” tab of the app, shows you just how to make and use the solution and is perfect for parents of infants!

Although the “yellow card” is still the official record, Immunize Canada does contain a vaccine record that you can update as your child is immunized. Setting up a record for each child is very quick and easy, with the ability to change vaccine dates without difficulty. The information you enter also stays on your device unless you back-up to a cloud storage service. (It is recommended that you set up a password to further protect your information. This can be done in the “setting” section.)

The app will also send you reminders on which vaccines are due next and when, so that you can stay on top of scheduling doctor’s appointments.  There is even a share function that allows you to print out the record or email it in PDF form. The best part of this? No digging up those yellow forms for back to school registration! The ImmunizeCA app gets my vote for practical, efficient health information at the click of a button.

Reviewed By Dr. Salima Shamji,  MD, CCFP

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