Nutrition and Sports Performance

Whether your goal is to control a medical condition such as high blood pressure, cholesterol or heart disease, decrease your weight, get an edge on sports performance or simply to increasing your energy level; proper eating is essential. ExecHealth offers several nutrition packages tailored to the specific concerns of our clients, and works to accommodate their busy schedules.

ExecHealth combines science and technology in its approach to nutrition. Our registered dietitians use blood analysis and cutting edge InBody® technology to accurately determine an individual’s body composition, including:

  • total body water
  • dry lean muscle mass
  • body fat mass
  • skeletal muscle mass
  • body mass index
  • percent body fat

Using this detailed information, our registered dieticians will evaluate your eating habits and provide you with a meal plan and personalized recommendations. We understand the challenges busy people face in terms of maintaining a healthy diet and employ a practical approach to healthy eating by providing clients manageable eating plans suited for their individual circumstances.

VIDEO: Porsche Human Performance: InBody Analyser