Comprehensive Health Assessments

Early Diagnosis and Prevention. Comprehensive Health Assessments are ideally suited to the needs individuals who wish to proactively manage their health and increase the probability of avoiding serious disease. These 4 ½ hours assessments go far beyond standard physicals and include (click for more detail):

Should your assessment reveal the need for additional testing or specialist consultation, ExecHealth will arrange for appointments through our exclusive network of specialist and facilities. Clients will also be given the option of booking these appointments through private channels when public wait times are too long.

Ronald BannermanRonald Bannerman, Director, Vice President & Secretary (Ret)
Canadian Medical Association

“I took advantage of the program in October and went to the ExecHealth offices for the full assessment. The doctors discovered that I had a very serious blockage in one of my main arteries and scheduled open heart surgery shortly afterwards. Thanks to ExecHealth I was able to avoid a major heart attack that was just pending.”