Men’s Health

Advances in men’s health have helped to increase male life expectancy in Canada from 79.4 years in 1979 to 81.1 years in 2009. However; men’s life expectancy still lags that of women. As such, men need to pay close attention to their health – particularly to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

As part of the Ongoing Medical Care Program, ExecHealth’s men’s health program is uniquely designed to assess and address issues specific to our male clientele. Our goal is to identify preventable health problems and address them at an early stage.

Our men’s health team is able to provide the most current testing and advice on a range of male health issues including andropause (a decline in testosterone which can affect sex drive, muscle and bone health, energy and mood), erectile dysfunction, benign prostate hypertrophy and prostate cancer.

Jeff WesteindeJeff Westeinde, P.Eng.
husband • father • friend • entrepreneur

“Sanjay and the team at Exechealth provide healthcare the way it should be. Since 2006 they’ve provided me with a complete healthcare check-up and benchmarking including fitness, diet and general health. The ExecHealth team always has the time to personally review any health issues in depth with you one on one – no matter how minor. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”