ExecMD Ongoing Care Program

Personal, Prompt and Professional. Individuals looking for a premium health service may enrol in ExecHealth’s ongoing medical care program. This program is designed to provide year round comprehensive medical care for all ages – from newborn to the elderly.

Our team of expert doctors work in multidiscipline teams to provide clients with the most up-to-date evidence-based healthcare with a focus on prevention.

By maintaining a small practice size ExecHealth offers an exceptional level of care and convenience, including:

  • Assignment of a physician led team to proactively manage medical and health issues. Physicians maintain small practice sizes to ensure that each client receives the highest level of care
  • Annual 2-hour preventive health exam which consists of advanced blood screening, diagnostic testing and thorough physical examination
  • Guaranteed same-day or next-day medical appointment bookings throughout the year
  • Punctual, unhurried appointments with your physician
  • Access to our exclusive network of specialists
  • A medial concierge service to expedite specialist appointments, imaging (such as MRIs) and surgeries through private channels when public wait times are too long
  • No charge completion of insurance forms, sick notes etc.
  • Onsite access to physician supervised services including nutrition and physiotherapy
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“I cannot speak more highly of the exceptional service that my family and I have received from Sanjay and his team at ExecHealth, and how much my health has improved since I started as a patient with them. They offer healthcare as it should be, rather than as it currently exists in Ontario. They focus on personalized, inquiring and holistic medicine focused on prevention rather than just treating symptoms and rushing to the next patient on the roster. The concept of caring, on-time, knowledgeable and unhurried medical appointments in a modern and comfortable office seems like a revelation. ExecHealth represents to me excellence not just in healthcare, but in any service industry, and offers extraordinary value for improving both personal health and life in general.”