ExecHealth gives our whole family- 3 generations- custom concierge health care service. Our healthcare system can be great after you’ve been diagnosed. We gave up on that system after 3 family members lost their 3rd GP in 5 years, and we waited over 6 months to get to some standard specialist visits. We have never looked back. It’s the best money you’ll spend- comfort and insurance that you have experts in the system who have the time, knowledge and expertise to help with all of your healthcare needs.
Debbie Weinstein
I cannot speak more highly of the exceptional service that my family and I have received from Sanjay and his team at ExecHealth, and how much my health has improved since I started as a patient with them. They offer healthcare as it should be, rather than as it currently exists in Ontario. They focus on personalized, inquiring and holistic medicine focused on prevention rather than just treating symptoms and rushing to the next patient on the roster. The concept of caring, on-time, knowledgeable and unhurried medical appointments in a modern and comfortable office seems like a revelation. ExecHealth represents to me excellence not just in healthcare, but in any service industry, and offers extraordinary value for improving both personal health and life in general.
Stephen Beckta
Restauranteur, Proprietor of Beckta dining and wine, Play Food & Wine & Gezellig
My family and I have been ExecHealth clients for several years now. I cannot speak more highly of the care we have received through this organization. Their level of expertise and ability to access timely care – both in Canada and the United States - has benefitted our extended family greatly. I would recommend ExecHealth to anyone who is looking for top-notch care.
Harley Finkelstein
President, Shopify
Thank you for assisting me with the COVID testing. Thanks to you, I was able to board my flight and get through Kenyan immigration without any trouble. While I also got tested at Brewer Arena five days ahead of my flight, I did not receive my results in time, so were it not for ExecHealth, I would have had to cancel my flight. Again, my sincere gratitude.
Rosalind Raddatz
Chief of Staff, Aga Khan University
ExecHealth has provided our family with exceptional medical care for several years in Ottawa. Having recently relocated to the United States, ExecHealth seamlessly transitioned our care through their affiliation with the Mayo Clinic and continues to quarterback the medical needs of our family in both Canada and the United States. We are grateful to have this excellent organization on our side.
Leslie Rechan
Chief Operating Officer, PROS
ExecHealth is the one benefit I can't live without.
Bruce Linton
Founder, Chairman and CEO Canopy Growth
Exechealth has provided excellent care to my family for several years. For a busy family, Exechealth has been invaluable – providing quick and convenient access to great physician care when needed. The team has been incredibly caring and diligent – taking the time needed for each and every appointment. The Exechealth team provides a full range of health care – including diet and fitness.
Michael Waters
Chief Executive Officer, The Minto Group
For a few years I suffered from headaches, numbness and other symptoms. My family doctor felt these symptoms might be stress or depression related to running a thriving business. I enrolled in ExecHealth’s program, where the doctors felt the symptoms were indicative of something more serious. An MRI of my head showed that I had a large and extremely dangerous brain tumour on my frontal lobe, and within days I underwent a 7-hour surgery at the Ottawa Hospital. I am now symptom free and leading a normal life thanks to the excellent medical care I received from ExecHealth and the surgeons at the Ottawa Hospital.
Josée Laflèche
Co-Owner, Calco Soils
Exechealth provides me the attention, responsiveness and flexibility to accommodate an active and successful professional lifestyle. As a healthy individual, I value the regular check ups and the peace-of-mind they provide to me.
Andrew Waitman
Chief Executive Officer, Pythian
For a number of years now ExecHealth has provided me and my family with exceptional facilities, extraordinary service and superb physician care. As a busy professional, ExecHealth has saved us countless hours of waiting time for medical appointments, while enhancing our health enormously. I unreservedly recommend their comprehensive approach to health, and healthy living.
Michael Edelson
I look forward to my yearly assesment that includes thorough testing and assessment of your fitness, dietary, organ and sensory health coupled with one on one meetings with a team of friendly professionals. It has helped me learn what I need to know about my body in order to live a healthier lifestyle and gives me peace of mind that serious disease will be caught and addressed at the earliest stages.
Lawrence Greenspon
Partner, Greenspon Brown & Associates
Sanjay and the team at Exechealth provide healthcare the way it should be. Since 2006 they’ve provided me with a complete healthcare check-up and benchmarking including fitness, diet and general health. The Exechealth team always has the time to personally review any health issues in depth with you one on one – no matter how minor. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Jeff Westeinde
husband • father • friend • entrepreneur
I took advantage of the program in October and went to the ExecHealth offices for the full assessment. The doctors discovered that I had a very serious blockage in one of my main arteries and scheduled open heart surgery shortly afterwards. Thanks to ExecHealth I was able to avoid a major heart attack that was just pending.
Ronald Bannerman
Director, Vice President & Secretary (Ret) Canadian Medical Association